Have you recovered all overpayments from your ocean freight spend?

20,000,000 ocean freight invoices are issued each year.
$3 billion in ocean freight invoice fees were billed in error.

Our post audit approach complements your pre audit process to recover more of your share.

Ocean Audit brings fiduciary compliance to ocean spend for Finance, Supply Chain and Logistics leaders.

Extraordinary conditions in this early part of 2015 will result in extra surcharges and increases for your 2015 S/C's. Mitigate with a historic ocean freight post audit covering the years 2011-2014.


"My team can secure refunds of up to 2% of your past 5 year’s ocean freight spend; consuming less than 1 hour of time from your company resources. When we find errors - we’ll share the refund, if we don’t - our services are free."

Steve Ferreira, CEO – Ocean Audit

Post Audit Details

  • Fast - Client invests under 1 hour for set-up
  • Audit includes up to 5 years of ocean invoice and payment data
  • No on-site presence required. 90% of clients have the 3 key file types required. Audit is completed off-site
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Why post audit ocean freight?

  • Corporate finance typically defers ocean recovery auditing to logistics associates who are not audit compliance specialists
  • Mitigate 2015 increases by using refunds and credits from 2011-2014
  • Ocean freight is a substantial spend category not typically post audited
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